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Auchen Castle Wedding Venue Scotland

Auchen Castle Terms & Conditions

Please take the time to read out terms:

  1. All deposits are non-refundable and in the event of complete cancellation of the event, will act as a cancellation fee. It is advisable that you take out wedding insurance for cover of an unforeseen cancellation.
  2. Provisional bookings are held for 7 days only, before a deposit is required to secure booking. Bedroom Deposits are also required within 1 month of booking along with a completed rooming list, charged at £50.00 per room per night.
  3. Four weeks prior to your event all balances for meals/drinks packages / buffets /bedrooms and any outstanding extras, must be paid.
  4. The castle reserves the right to bill any items missed from the first bill at a later date.
  5. Cancellation polices for wedding packages apply as detailed in the gretna wedding bureau terms. Along with cancellation charges.
  6. The venue reserves the right to cancel your function if these terms and payment terms are not fully met.
  7. Guests are reminded that we wish everyone to enjoy the facilities at the castle however a through road is in the front of the castle so children need to be supervised at all times. Stairs and walkways can be slippery when wet and pavements can be uneven due to the age of the property, extra caution is advised.
  8. Special dietary requirements need to be arranged at least four weeks prior to the Event. No amendments to numbers, menus etc can are allowed after the 4 week deadline has passed.
  9. Evening entertainment is dependant on numbers and amount of accommodation being booked. If your numbers decrease you may not be able to have entertainments at the castle. Evening entertainment must cease at 12 midnight unless exclusive use of the castle has been booked when a 1am extension can be granted which must be pre-arranged.
  10. Check in is from 3 pm, unless special arrangements have been made.
  11. Check out is at 10.30am.
  12. Auchen Castle reserves the right to alter pricing without prior notification.
  13. Due to numerous period features of the building grounds, children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times. Whilst we encourage guests to enjoy the garden walks and woodlands, please note that care must be taken as walkways and stairs maybe slippery, particularly when wet. Swimming in the Loch and unauthorised use of the boats is strictly forbidden.
  14. The Wedding couple are responsible for the behaviour and actions of their guests while at Auchen Castle. Inappropriate behaviour may result in your event being stopped early or cancelled. No room charges are allowed by any guest.
  15. The Hirer shall pay for any loss or damage to any part of the premises, or to any fixtures, fittings and equipment which are caused by the Hirer or guest or paid servants. We will not be held responsible for damage to any article brought onto the premises. The castle shall not be liable for any loss or damage except within the constraints of the Hotel Proprietors. Act 1956. In case of the loss or damage to the hirer it must be reported and then recorded at the time with the Duty Manager.
  16. The castle shall not be responsible for the failure to provide facilities contracted for the event of it being prevented from doing so as a result of "Force Majeure" or any other cause beyond its control. This includes industrial disputes, orders or regulations issued by Central Government, Riots, Floods, Fire Epidemics, alterations or redecoration of the castle. The castle will not be responsible for any loss or damage or costs as a result.
  17. The castle reserves the right to alter function rooms depending on guest numbers.
  18. No outside alcohol can be brought onto or consumed on our licensed premises. No exceptions of any kind are made in this regard. The castle will charge the bridal account automatically or individual guest should this policy not be adhered to.
  19. The castle reserves the right to charge full tariff should we not be able to resell the room, each night the room is not available, up to a maximum of 7 days full charge due to any of the following:
    - Smoking in a non smoking room.
    - Breakages rendering the room incomplete to resell to another guest.
    - Specialist room cleaning including carpet shampooing required.
  20. Any additional charges made to a bill due to items being missed or damages will be charged later on the original card used to confirm your booking.
  21. If a single party do not take all of the accommodations and rooms or have exclusive hire, the castle may sell remaining accommodations and rooms to other guests resulting in shared facilities.
  22. We can not accept responsibility for outside contractors and service providers.
  23. Guests can not bring their own music for entertainment purposes. Guests are not allowed to bring their own food or drink onto the premises.
  24. Cars are left at the owner’s/customer’s own risk. The castle does not accept responsibility for loss or damage.
  25. All of our food suppliers are subject to strict guidelines for delivery, food storage and subsequent food quality and hygiene. We can not take responsibility for cakes that are not purchased from one of our approved suppliers.
  26. In the event of cancellation we regret that pre payments and deposits will not be refunded under any circumstances. On late cancellations the castle reserves the right to recover any loss of profit incurred.
  27. In all cases Scottish Law prevails.
  28. Due to unprecedented demand for certain diary dates we regret that we can only accept booking for Saturdays during April to September if all accommodations are taken. If numbers were to change, these accommodations would still be charged.
  29. We have a 7 day lost and found policy which means we can only keep an item found for that amount of time. It is the guest responsibility to check for all personal belongings at the castle before departure, Any items found will be listed at reception and can be collected within that time frame or will have to be sent to the customer at there expense. Any items sent postage must be paid before in advance.
  30. Ceremony only has strict time allowances for the duration of hire. Further charges could be incurred if these time frames are not adhered to.
  31. Any variations to the original contract would need to be authorised by Auchen Castle and then subsequently changed on your function sheet as an accepted variation. All authorised variations are recorded in writing only by updating your function sheet; email and verbal conversations are not accepted as authorised variations to the original contract. An updated function sheet would be sent to you at the appropriate time detailing any such requests for variation that we have agreed too. We regret that no verbal agreements will be accepted or recognised if not then confirmed by ourselves in writing on an updated function sheet. All of our agreed variations are only accepted in this manner.
  32. We recommend that all our clients take out Wedding Insurance for their event.
  33. Failure to sign and return this terms and conditions could result in having your wedding cancelled.


Name of Person A ____________________________________________________________ 


Name of Person B ___________________________________________________________ 


Date of Wedding _____________________________________________________________


Signature ______________________________________________________________________


Date _______________________________________


We may take the opportunity to update our terms from time to time; it is the customer’s responsibility to check any updates or at any time an updated terms and conditions can be obtained through our reception team.

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